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Add standalone integration test (JobCoordinator and list)



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      This is the aggregated jira to track all the integration test for standalone for 0.13.1

      Test list:

      • Leader failure should elect new leader
      • Newly elected leader re-computes new JobModel and publishes it
      • Processor with same id should not trigger a new JobModel & should stop itself after a timeout (new dies)
      • Processor joining the group should timeout and stop, if there is no new JobModel available within a timeout interval
      • Correct behavior when running #processors > #tasks (should not fail all processors, old ones stay)
      • On barrier timeout we continue to work (test still needs to finish).
      • Barrier completion without timeout
      • Zk unused znodes are cleaned-up up to last 10 (multiple jobmodel versions, barriers etc)
      • Handle session timeouts reliably
      • ZK unavailability at start
      • ZK failure (unavailable after start)
      • Rolling upgrade of processors should not stop processing
      • Processor leaving and joining the group within debounce time shouldn’t shuffle any of the tasks
      • Works with high-level API
      • Works with low-level (task API)
      • Test Compatibility - supports stateless jobs with PassThroughJobCoordinator
      • Test Compatibility - supports jobs with Brooklin Non-Loadbalanced System Consumer
      • Test failure testing jobs run overnight (failure-testing.sh)
      • Single StreamProcessor object
      • Multiple StreamProcessor objects
      • Adding another processor
      • Adding >1 processors within the debounce time should only cause 1 JobModel recalculation
      • Removing a processor
      • Leader death and reelection
      • Run with databus
      • Single processor failure (internal failure, exception)
      • StreamProcessor shuts down if Samza container does not shut down in time




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