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Exception thrown on login; can't access jroller.com hosted blog


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      Quite a few recent entries on http://jroller.com/javadev are missing/deleted? Also, when I try to log in as the Admin User (javadev) I get the following error:

      Unexpected Exception

      Roller has encountered and logged an unexpected exception.

      Also, when I'm in a half logged in state and click on the Main Menu link (top right corner). I receive the following exception:

      java.lang.IllegalStateException: forward() not allowed after buffer has
      at com.caucho.server.webapp.RequestDispatcherImpl.forward(RequestDispatcherImpl.java:139)
      at com.caucho.server.webapp.RequestDispatcherImpl.error(RequestDispatcherImpl.java:113)
      at com.caucho.server.webapp.ErrorPageManager.sendServletError(ErrorPageManager.java:362)
      at com.caucho.server.webapp.WebAppFilterChain.doFilter(WebAppFilterChain.java:175)
      at com.caucho.server.dispatch.ServletInvocation.service(ServletInvocation.java:229)
      at com.caucho.server.http.HttpRequest.handleRequest(HttpRequest.java:274)
      at com.caucho.server.port.TcpConnection.run(TcpConnection.java:511)
      at com.caucho.util.ThreadPool.runTasks(ThreadPool.java:520)
      at com.caucho.util.ThreadPool.run(ThreadPool.java:442)
      at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:801)

      Other related information:

      1. Looks like all entries related to user: staticnullvoid are missing/deleted from the following blog: http://jroller.com/javadev
      2. Still can't log-in with any users (i.e. javadev, yerma and staticnullvoid) for about two weeks now.

      Is anyone looking into this particular issue? Are other blogs experiencing similar problems? Any help or feedback would be most appreciated.


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