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RFC Library, Application & Class Versioning, Dynamically Mobile Codebases and Classloading enhancements


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      Proposal to add support for Dynamic Mobile Codebases and Application fine grained class versioning as well as Coarse grained Library versioning , to enable River User devolopers, to provide distinction between classes with the same fully qualified class name when code differences created by refactoring packages or library updates break backward compatibility between classes contained within that library or package. ClassWorlds can be used to segregate ClassRealms for application packages and different library versions.

      A dependency tree array object (contains dependency references between classes, fully qualified class names are stored as String objects) returned by the new ClassDepend tool (replacement of classdep functionality) may be suitable (with some modification) for recording class versioning, for later navigation of the codebase for class version verification, perhaps this could be stored in serialized form with the codebase.

      The ASM library might be used to modify existing, externally sourced library class file bytecodes to add a LIBRARYVERSIONID static final field, with an accessor method, for library code used in codebases, to mark the class files with the library release version.

      serialVersionUID (when it exists), along with the CLASSVERSION static field, might be used to determine the dependency and backward compatibility of classes in a codebase, this information could be stored in the dependency tree along with the CLASSVERSION, fully qualified class name and class file checksum.


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