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Ranger supports plugin to enable, monitor and manage Elasticsearch



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      Elasticsearch is a distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine capable of solving a growing number of use cases.
      Like Apache Solr, it is also an index server based on Lucence.
      Ranger supports plugin to enable, monitor and manage Elasticsearch,
      to control index security of Elasticsearch.

      As there is X-Pack plugin for the Elasticsearch, but it is not free.
      X-Pack is an Elastic Stack extension that bundles security, alerting, monitoring, reporting,
      and graph capabilities into one easy-to-install package.
      We refer to the Indices Privileges design of X-Pack,
      by keeping the permissions consistent,
      to make user use ranger Elasticsearch plugin easily.
      Reference X-Pack Indices Privileges:

      Here we develop Ranger Elasticsearch plugin, based on Elasticsearch version 6.2.2.
      Elasticsearch 6.2.2 was released in February 20, 2018, reference release-notes:
      Not like other system, Elasticsearch has no basic authentication,
      it uses X-pack plugin to support basic authentication,
      role-based access control, SSL/TLS encryption, LDAP and so on.
      Not like X-pack, our Ranger Elasticsearch plugin is designed to do authorization,
      it is to control index of Elasticsearch without authentication,
      this plugin should work with other Elasticsearch plugin to authenticate users.


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