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[Java Broker, WMC] Fix minor defects and usability issues in query and dashboard UI



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    • qpid-java-6.0.1
    • qpid-java-6.1
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      1. Menu bar - the serialized form of the username in the menu bar looks ugly
      2. Menu bar is a muddle of some with icons some with text and some with both. We said all menu titles would have a word and icon. We said menu entries would not have an icon.
      3. Rename Show Xxxxxxx Browser => Browse Xxxxxx
      4. Add explanatory text to the Create Query and Create Dashboard dialogues to help the user understand what scope and category mean.
      5. In the save dialogues, the fully qualified name of the group should be visible to the user, perhaps as a hover.
      6. A newly cloned query does not warn if it is closed before save has been pressed.
      7. Use qpid confirmation dialogue box instead of system confirmation dialogue universally
      8. On the Query and Dashboard browsers rename "Mine" to "Created by me"
      9. Add the ability select a query from the query browser with the Return key.
      10. Add an icon to the "Add Widget" button
      11. Add units to the refresh period in the widget customization dialogue
      12. Defect: With a group of HA nodes, create a virtualhost scoped dashboard containing a virtualhost scoped query, Flip the mastership Expected behaviour - dashboard and widget should be present on the new master. Actual: dashboard was present but was empty.




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