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Release tasks for qpid-java-6.0




      This JIRA is created to track the release activities for qpid-java-6.0.

      Here is the list of tasks I came so far to perform the release:

      1. Ran RAT report and verify that all required files contain license header. Raise JIRA and resolve all unlicensed files.
      2. Check JIRA for any remaining uncompleted JIRAs for qpid-java-6.0 and notify owners about closing the JIRAs before the release.
      3. Send an email into dev list about release and tentative dates for alpha/beta/rc/release
      4. Produce alpha and send an email about alpha availability for testing
      5. Produce beta and send an email about beta availability for testing
      6. Produce and sign RC and send an email about RC availability for testing
        1. Repeat above if blockers and critical issues requiring fixing are found
      7. Initiate release voting by sending email into the dev list
      8. Complete voting and when release is approved produce and sign final build
      9. Publish release and update web site
      10. Send a notification email about release availability

      The steps above are tentative. They could be changed or extended if required whilst performing the release activity.

      Publishing maven artifacts is covered in here.
      Release signing is covered in here

      It seems I need to set up pgp to sign the release. I need to do some research how to do that.

      Producing release artifacts with maven would require performing the following steps:

      1. mvn release:prepare (updates versions, creates the branch, updates
        versions again)
      2. mvn release:perform (performs release, publishing to Nexus staging area)
      3. close Nexus staging repo
      4. upload source release artifacts to svn dist dev repo (after downloading them from Nexus)
      5. release Nexus staging repo (after voting)
      6. add artifacts to svn dist release repo (after voting)




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