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Federation link index becomes invalid on failover against a cluster.


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 0.14
    • Fix Version/s: 0.17
    • Component/s: C++ Broker
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      The Link management object that represents a connection between two federated brokers is indexed (identified) by the remote broker's host and port. If the remote broker is part of a cluster, and a failover event occurs, the host:port used by the Link object's index may no longer exist. This prevents the route from being deleted.

      For example, create a cluster of two brokers using addresses and Start a third broker, say Create a queue route from to an exchange on Kill the broker This results in a Link object that is connected to, but reports as it's host.

      [kgiusti@localhost src]$ qpid-config -a add queue src
      [kgiusti@localhost src]$ qpid-config -a add exchange fanout destx
      [kgiusti@localhost src]$ qpid-config -a add queue dest
      [kgiusti@localhost src]$ qpid-config -a bind destx dest
      [kgiusti@localhost src]$ qpid-route queue add destx src
      [kgiusti@localhost src]$ ../examples/messaging/spout -b --content "ZZZ" src
      [kgiusti@localhost src]$ ../examples/messaging/drain -b -t 2 dest

      {spout-id:8c308c74-6b25-4408-8694-93ef8352a308:0, x-amqp-0-10.routing-key:src}

      , content='ZZZ')

      <Kill Broker, link fails over to>

      From qpid-tool:

      qpid: show 133
      Object of type: org.apache.qpid.broker:link:_data(bc33c1b3-25cd-e0ce-04d7-ad684ed36d91)
      Attribute 133
      vhostRef 150
      port 2222
      transport tcp
      durable False
      state Operational
      lastError Failed over to tcp:

      Once this occurs, I am unable to delete the link:

      [kgiusti@localhost src]$ qpid-route queue del destx src
      [kgiusti@localhost src]$ qpid-tool

      qpid: list
      Summary of Objects by Type:
      Package Class Active Deleted
      org.apache.qpid.broker binding 14 0
      org.apache.qpid.broker system 1 0
      org.apache.qpid.broker broker 1 0
      org.apache.qpid.broker bridge 1 0
      org.apache.qpid.broker link 1 0
      org.apache.qpid.broker subscription 5 0
      org.apache.qpid.broker connection 2 0
      org.apache.qpid.broker session 2 0
      org.apache.qpid.broker queue 6 0
      org.apache.qpid.broker exchange 9 0
      org.apache.qpid.broker vhost 1 0


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