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      Email I posted to the dev list a few days ago:

      I would like us to start cleaning the repo up a bit. There is a lot of
      cruft in there that makes our releases larger and more cluttered than
      they need to be, confuses users about what we do and don't support,
      and makes it harder to get involved in the project.

      I'm personally looking in the qpid/java/management directory to begin
      with. I would like to remove the below modules, for the reasons that
      follow later on:

      • java/management/client
      • java/management/tools/qpid-cli
      • java/management/console
      • java/management/agent

      Unless someone wants to step in and put forward a case for keeping
      them, I'm going to start removing them in the days ahead. Since the
      majority said they are not in favour of having an attic area, these
      removals will be in the form of deletion.


      • java/management/client:

      In short it is broken, dead, and large. To elaborate...
      It has not received any development orientated changes since 2009. It
      doesn't seem to work anymore as I discovered during the 0.8 release
      cycle, at which point its release artifacts were removed. It hasn't
      been touched since. It never seemed to get tested by anyone except me
      during release cycles. It adds something like 10MB of [test]
      dependencies and thus contributes around 20MB to the overall release
      artifacts (already down from when it had its own 15MB release
      artifact). At least some of its tests are disabled at the code level
      because they were broken and no one has shown interest in changing

      • java/management/tools/qpid-cli:

      Again, no development since 2009 and no active maintenance. No one
      tests this as far as I know. We haven't been releasing it as an
      artifact due to issues it had. It adds two dependencies nothing else
      currently uses. I don't think the automated tests were ever made to
      run after being disabled upon commit?

      • java/management/console:

      Again, no development since 2009 and no active maintenance. No one
      tests this as far as I know. Changes made to the C++ broker for QMF2
      seem to have broken compatibility with this at least a bit based on
      prior dev list discussion, but there has been no sign of updates.
      Someone on the user list recently tried using this and reported on the
      horrors that ensued. No tests (OK, 1 single tiny test).

      • java/management/agent:

      Again, no development since 2009 and no active maintenance. No one
      tests this as far as I know. No idea if it still works. Hasn't been
      updated for QMF2. No automated tests.




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