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Auto-generate Eclipse .project and .classpath files for Qpid Java components



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      For those who use Eclipse and prefer to have the Qpid Java components in separate Eclipse projects know that there is much manual effort required to import the projects, set up source paths, class-paths, and establish dependencies between projects. This has been discussed on the dev-list. I know I can spend up to half an hour getting the manual setup done.

      I've written an extension to the build system that uses http://ant-eclipse.sourceforge.net/ to create the Eclipse .project and .classpath files automatically for each of the Java components (broker, common, client etc). The new targets make use of the existing properties used by the Ant build process: source folders come from ${module.src} etc, classpaths from ${module.libs} etc and the project dependencies are computed from automatically ${module.depends} so there is no new configuration to maintain.

      There is still a single manual step required within Eclipse (to create a linked source from broker, common, client and broker-plugins-access-control projects to their auto-generated code source folder beneath build/scratch) as Ant Eclipse does not yet support the creation of linked-sources, but after this is done you have a fully imported Qpid with zero errors .

      I will put together a Wiki page to provide instructions.




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