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Configurable queue depth alerts



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        1. Problem

      Steadily increasing queue depth is a common symptom of problems in a
      messaging application. The queue may run out of capacity or the broker
      may run out of resources if this condition is not
      rectified. Generating alerts when depth reaches preconfigured
      thresholds would allow administrators to be notified allowing them to
      take corrective action or at least be aware of the situation before it
      becomes more critical.

        1. Solution

      Allow a policy to be specified via the arguments field to queue
      declare, that sets up particular threshold in either message count or
      cumulative message content size, and specifies the level of alert to
      generate. QMF already contains a mechanism for raising alerts. It
      should also be possible to rely on the log output for these alerts if
      log-scraping is used.

      The policy should also allow the frequency at which alerts will be
      regenerated if the depth remains above the configured threshold.

        1. Rationale

      Already use that mechanism to configure queue limits. Have QMF alert
      capabilities. Seems logical to extend the policies to allow earlier
      warning when approaching capacity.

        1. Implementation Notes

      There will be no new components added, this will be added to the code
      around qpid::broker::Queue and qpid::broker::QueuePolicy. (These do
      need refactored somewhat as they are close to unmainatainable at

      Will need to ensure that existing queue configuration tools
      (i.e. qpid-config) allow configuration of these limits.

        1. Consequences

      Need to ensure that as new features get added around queueing, the
      code is refactored to keep it maitainable and easy to read. Release
      artefacts are unaffected. The feature will need to be documented;
      configuration described in general above details will be added here as
      the implementation progresses. Will not affect backwards




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