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[CVE-2019-0223] TLS Man in the Middle Vulnerability

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    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Critical
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: proton-0.9, proton-0.9.1, proton-0.10, proton-0.11.0, proton-0.11.1, proton-0.12.0, proton-0.12.1, proton-0.12.2, proton-0.13.0, proton-0.13.1, proton-0.14.0, proton-0.15.0, proton-0.16.0, proton-c-0.17.0, proton-c-0.18.0, proton-c-0.18.1, proton-c-0.19.0, proton-c-0.20.0, proton-c-0.21.0, proton-c-0.22.0, proton-c-0.23.0, proton-c-0.24.0, proton-c-0.25.0, proton-c-0.26.0, proton-c-0.27.0
    • Fix Version/s: proton-c-0.27.1
    • Labels:


      The TLS support in Apache Qpid Proton 0.9 - 0.27.0 can under some
      circumstances connect as a client to a TLS server that offers anonymous
      ciphers irrespective of whether the client was configured to verify the
      server's certificate or certificate against the hostname used to connect.

      This means that an undetected man in the middle attack could be
      constructed if an attacker can arrange to intercept TLS traffic.

      Versions 0.9 - 0.27.0 are affected when using OpenSSL prior to 1.1.0. This
      includes the Qpid Proton C library, and all language binding libraries using
      it. Installations using the native Windows Schannel TLS implementation or
      using OpenSSL 1.1.0 or later are not affected.

      Note that this attack will not work if client certificate authentication is
      in use as anonymous ciphers cannot be used in this case.

      Anyone using an affected version with OpenSSL prior to 1.1.0 should upgrade
      their installation to 0.27.1 or higher for fix to this vulnerability.

      [1] https://qpid.apache.org/cves/CVE-2019-0223.html.


      Original Jira details:

      Title: [c] Example broker can silently use anonymous ciphers when misconfigured
      Description: The example broker does not check the return value from pn_ssl_domain_set_credentials() and if given a bad certificate will allow anonymous ciphers without even displaying an error message.




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