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errno not thread-safe on Solaris



    • Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • proton-0.12.2, proton-0.13.0
    • proton-0.16.0
    • proton-c


      For some time, we were having random errors on Solaris with proton-c where we would get a transport error "proton:io connect: Error 0". We were finally able to reproduce it in a multi-threading environment. It turns out some C/C++ system calls such as opening sockets will set the value of "errno" and some parts of proton-c code you rely on the value of errno to determine if the operation was successful or not[1].

      The issue is that errno is not thread safe[2] and as a consequence if by the time Thread A was checking the value of errno, Thread B has set it to something else, the check will fail.

      We resolved it by compiling Proton with "-D_REENTRANT" which makes errno thread local variable.

      Please note we only got this error on Solaris because on Linux setting "-lpthread" implies "-D_REENTRANT flag" according to stackoverflow[2].

      Do you think this flag could be set by default in the CMakeList of proton to avoid others having the same issue?

      On Solaris:

      #if defined(_REENTRANT) || defined(_TS_ERRNO) || _POSIX_C_SOURCE - 0 >= 199506L
      extern int *___errno();
      #define errno (*(___errno()))
      extern int errno;
      /* ANSI C++ requires that errno be a macro */
      #if __cplusplus >= 199711L
      #define errno errno
      #endif /* defined(_REENTRANT) || defined(_TS_ERRNO) */

      PS: The code is still the same on 0.14.0. So the error could happen there as well I guess.

      [1]: https://github.com/apache/qpid-proton/blob/0.12.2/proton-c/src/posix/io.c (line 187-188)
      [2]: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1694164/is-errno-thread-safe
      [3]: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/875789/gcc-do-i-need-d-reentrant-with-pthreads


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