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If window was last on secondary monitor, if you launch without a secondary monitor it still tries to display on secondary monitor



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    • Windows, Java 1.5.


      My intial post to the mailing list... With Greg's reply at the bottom.


      On May 30, 2010, at 3:21 PM, David Turner wrote:

      > Hi People,
      > I have been working on my first app in pivot at work using my laptop,
      > where I have 2 external monitors plugged into. (laptop screen turned
      > off) Currently, I am working at home, and I have only my laptop, no
      > additional screen(s).
      > When I launch my application, it is appearing off to the right, where my
      > other monitor would be, so I cannot get to the application. Which is
      > frustrating.
      > I have tried launching the application from eclipse, and building a jar
      > with dependencies in maven, and lauching the jar. Both launch with app
      > in the taskbar, but not accessible.
      > Has anybody got any ideas how I can get to the app? At the moment, my
      > only plan is to wait till I get to work, and then move the app to the
      > primary monitor.
      > cheers,

      Ha - that's a good one. Would you mind filing a bug report about this? DesktopApplicationContext should probably try to detect and correct this condition, if possible.

      In the meantime, try passing --x=0 and --y=0 as command line arguments to your app. That should move it back onto your main screen. Let me know if that doesn't work.





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