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Pig should emit a warning if no store/dump/etc causes execution



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      If a script has no DUMP or STORE statement, there's nothing for pig to execute. This is totally obvious once you understand pig, but can be baffling to a novice.

      Pig should emit a warning: "Nothing to execute. DUMP and STORE cause Pig to execute a plan; ILLUSTRATE, EXPLAIN and DESCRIBE illuminate what it would execute. Did you mean to add one of those?" if nothing would cause output.

      There's a good argument for having it error with a non-zero exit code (rather than warn), but it is reasonable to run without content for linting purposes, so I believe an ignorable warning is best.

      The presence of an ILLUSTRATE, EXPLAIN or DESCRIBE should prevent the warning; it's pretty typical to comment out the store statement in favor of one of those while debugging.

      A pig script with only shell statements is a tougher call... Pig would be about the worst possible choice for a sysadmin scripting language, but I suppose there are oozie flows out there that might have Pig scripts with a shell statement. I believe that if there is a logical plan but no statement to cause output Pig should warn; a script of only shell statements should not cause a warning.

      I'm happy to implement this – my guess is that I'd have to

      1. find the point where pig in script mode decides what to execute;
      2. query the ?logical? plan about whether it includes one or more DUMP, STORE, ILLUSTRATE, EXPLAIN or DESCRIBE statements; and
      3. issue a log line at WARN level if none were found

      If someone can provide any brief high-level guidance about where to put the decision and how to query the plan, I'd be grateful.




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