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script UDF (jython) should utilize the intended output schema to more directly convert Py objects to Pig objects


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      from https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/PIG-1824

      import re
      def strsplittobag(content,regex):
              return re.compile(regex).split(content)

      does not work because split returns a list of strings. However, the output schema is known, and it would be quite simple to implicitly promote the string element to a tupled element.
      also, a list/array/tuple/set etc. are all equally convertable to bag, and list/array/tuple are equally convertable to Tuple, this conversion can be done in a much less rigid way with the use of the schema.

      this allows much more facile re-use of existing python code and less memory overhead to create intermediate re-converting of object types.
      I have written the code to do this a while back as part of my version of the jython script framework, i'll isolate that and attach.

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