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Write performance severely degrades with large number of views



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    • Fix Version/s: 4.9.0, 4.8.1
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      Write performance for each 1K batch degrades significantly when there are 10K views being written in random with default phoenix.client.maxMetaDataCacheSize. With all views created, upsert rate remains around 25 seconds per 1K batch i.e. ~2K rows/min upsert rate.

      When phoenix.client.maxMetaDataCacheSize is increased to 100MB+ then view does not need to get re-resolved and upsert rate gets back to normal ~60K rows/min.

      With 100K views and phoenix.client.maxMetaDataCacheSize set to 1GB, I wasn't able create all 100K views as upsert time for each 1K batch keeps on steadily increasing.

      Following graph shows 1K batch upsert rate over time with variation of number of views. Rows are upserted to random views CREATE VIEW IF NOT EXISTS ... APPEND_ONLY_SCHEMA = true, UPDATE_CACHE_FREQUENCY=900000 is executed before upsert statement.

      Base table is also created with APPEND_ONLY_SCHEMA = true, UPDATE_CACHE_FREQUENCY = 900000, AUTO_PARTITION_SEQ


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