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Tephra: Prune invalid transaction set once all data for a given invalid transaction has been dropped



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      From TEPHRA-35 -

      In addition to dropping the data from invalid transactions we need to be able to prune the invalid set of any transactions where data cleanup has been completely performed. Without this, the invalid set will grow indefinitely and become a greater and greater cost to in-progress transactions over time.

      To do this correctly, the TransactionDataJanitor coprocessor will need to maintain some bookkeeping for the transaction data that it removes, so that the transaction manager can reason about when all of a given transaction's data has been removed. Only at this point can the transaction manager safely drop the transaction ID from the invalid set.

      One approach would be for the TransactionDataJanitor to update a table marking when a major compaction was performed on a region and what transaction IDs were filtered out. Once all regions in a table containing the transaction data have been compacted, we can remove the filtered out transaction IDs from the invalid set. However, this will need to cope with changing region names due to splits, etc.

      Note: This will be moved to Tephra JIRA once the setup of Tephra JIRA is complete (INFRA-11445)


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