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Embedded font: value for /Widths faulty (worked in PDFBox 1.3.0!)


    • Type: Bug Bug
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    • Priority: Major Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 1.4.0
    • Fix Version/s: 1.7.1
    • Component/s: FontBox
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      JDK1.6.0_23, Windows XP


      We have a problem with the font 'LucidiaSansUnicode (l_10646.ttf). It is embedded in a PDF and when viewing this PDF (with Acrobat Reader 9), an error

      In der Schrift "LucidaSansUnicode" ist der Wert für /Widths fehlerhaft.

      occurs (roughly translated: "In font "LucidaSansUNicode" the value for /Widths is faulty."). I noticed that this error only occurs when the first page is displayed that has text added by PDFBox! The same font is also used for all other text (used by Apache FOP to generate). When I look at the dialog window of Acrobat 3. tab "Fonts", I notice lots of entries

      LucidaSansUnicode (Eingebettete Untergruppe)
      Typ: TrueType (CID)
      Kodierung: Identity-H

      but only 1 entry at the very top that looks different:

      LucidaSansUnicode (Eingebettet)
      Typ: TrueType
      Kodierung: Ansi

      I guess one is from Apache FOP (generation of PDF) and one is from PDFBox (adding additional text to the PDF). However, both use the same source file "l_10646.ttf"!

      Using PDFBox 1.3.0-snapshot (or iText 2.1.7), this problem does NOT occur!

      This only occurs with this "LucidaSansUnicode" font - all our other custom fonts don't cause this problem.

      The difference I notice in Acrobat Reader Fonts tab is the first font entry:

      PDFBox 1.4.0:

      LucidaSansUnicode (Eingebettet)
      Typ: TrueType
      Kodierung: Ansi

      PDFBox 1.3.0 or iText 2.1.7:

      LucidaSansUnicode (Eingebettete Untergruppe)
      Typ: TrueType
      Kodierung: Ansi

      So, PDFBox 1.4.0 only shows "embedded" ("Eingebettet") but PDFBox 1.3.0/iText version shows "embedded subgroup" ("Eingebettete Untergruppe")! Perhaps this is the problem?

      1. pdfbox-1.7.0-ttf-widths-encoding-fix.patch
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