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Lines not showing in PrintPDF print-out (Table borders and SVG figures)




      I am generating a single-page PDF file via XSLT/FOP, consisting of multiple
      tables of varying complexity and consisting of several figures created via SVG
      primitives (rect, path, text) in the used stylesheet.

      After generating and exporting the document to the file system, I want to print
      it programmatically via PDFBox's PrintPDF class. This succeeds apparently, but
      the resulting print-out lacks all of the lines in the document: all table
      borders (of various sizes) are missing, and all figures are missing too (a large
      diagram and several small symbols within the text). All texts are printed
      correctly, except for the heading of the document, which is written in a bold
      and bigger font.

      This problem occurs on every printer at my disposal (two physical laser printers
      and one virtual pdf printer). The problem does not occur when opening and/or
      printing the originally exported document via Adobe Reader - the document shows
      and prints perfectly. The problem is always reproducible. I am using the (as of now) latest PDFBox
      version 1.1.0 on a JDK 1.5.0u18 on Windows XP Professional SP3.

      When converting the pdf with PDFBox's PDFToImage class, the problem becomes
      smaller, but persists nonetheless: the resulting JPG lacks a good third of the
      table borders, but shows all of the SVG-based lines correctly.

      I searched the bug tracker and the mailinglist archives but could not find a
      recent matching discussion or tracker item. PDFBox seems to have had problems
      with table borders already (I remember reading about line styles and weights not
      being rendered correctly), but all of those seem to date back to version numbers
      around version 0.8.

      I posted this problem to the user list ( http://pdfbox.markmail.org/message/a75wdvtk52xbxvjk?page=1 ) after searching the archives and this tracker and was told to open an issue on this tracker. I'll follow up with the mentioned samples in a minute.

      Any help would be appreciated!

      Many thanks in advance and have a good day,

      --Christoph Schmidt


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