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      The attached PDF uses CalGray colors. When converted to a jpeg using PdfToImage, there is a cyan rectangle visible. Acrobat shows the same rectangle as white.

      The PDF uses a CalGray having white point (0.9505, 1, 1.089). The color value after applying gamma is 1.0, i.e. white was intended. The class PDCalGray multiplies the value by the white point to get X, Y, Z and sends it to the java built-in CIEXYZ profile to convert it into sRGB. I believe the problem is that the white point of CIEXYZ in java is (0.9642, 1.0000, 0.8249) and we need to adapt the white point before sending the values to it. There are several methods to do that, but the easiest one is a simple scaling. In our case it would meant to multiply the color value by the CIEXYZ white point instead of the white point given in the CalGray.

      I would not like to pretend that I am an expert in this area. I found the information in the internet and in the java sources of ColorSpace and ICC_ColorSpace and this is how I interpret it. An insight of someone who really understands the color management stuff would be appreciated. But my main point is that the result looks different compared to what is shown in Acrobat.

      The PDF originally comes from a customer and contains text above the rectangles. I have removed the texts.


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