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      It would be handy to have optional ability for forcing size of all AV windows to configured size regardless of the actual video/avatar size of specific user. Preferably on per room basis via room configuration. Maybe with ability to override "room default" by user by introducing some controls on the room panel for changing alignment/resizing modes. Which are virtually unexistant currently, just two separate one-time hotkeys align and align+resize hotkeys and buggy auto-align which is currently discussed in OPENMEETINGS-2314.

      It'll be especially useful now as current auto-align algorithm is not very efficient with filling in rectangles of different sizes and often produce big empty gaps in situations where there are clients in the room with different webcam sizes or even audio-only streams with different avatar sizes .

      Also in the rooms with many webcams it is very difficult to use board functionality. New ctrl+shift+a hotkey helps a bit, but it isn't persistent as it is not really changing auto-align/size mode, It's just one-time special auto-align+resize. It would be handy to have some toggle button somewhere to hide/show all AV windows from the page (just hiding blocks via html and not terminating connections or muting the sound). Or maybe in long-term even place all webcams to different board-like tab with board-header color-highlighting when there are changes on specific board.


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