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Update examples and documentation for the latest versions of the schemas



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      The examples and documentation often use older versions of the schemas (e.g. the examples mostly use workflow schema 0.2); the documentation for some of the action types is also missing some of the later schema definitions from their Appendix. This makes it more difficult for users to take advantage of the newer features/abilities added in later schemas. Further, there isn't a good place to look up what the latest version of each schema is.

      We should:

      • Update the examples to use the latest versions of the schemas. While we're at it, it may be a good idea to use some of the newer features such as the global section
      • Update the schema versions in the documentation examples to the latest schema versions
      • Make sure all of the schema definitions are in the Appendix for each action type, coordinator, etc
      • Create a unified list somewhere in the documentation that has the latest schema versions for each action type, coordinator, etc (and links to them in the Appendices)




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