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Simplify OODT RADiX setup: provide pre-configured RADiX via Vagrant



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    • Platform-independent (Vagrant currently supports MacOSX, Windows, Debian, CentOS)

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      Hitting the ground running with OODT can be a challenge, that's one of the reasons RADiX was developed. However, we can make that process even simpler by providing users with a pre-configured RADiX deployment through the use of Vagrant virtual machine technology [1].

      The benefits:

      • Users only need to issue a single command ("vagrant up") to have a full OODT RADiX deployment running on their machine - no configuration, dependencies, or modifications required! Tools like JDK, Maven2, etc will be automatically installed on the Vagrant virtual machine.
      • Latest OODT snapshot features will be automatically provisioned for use by RADiX. In other words, if users want to use a RADiX version that has not yet been tagged to a released OODT version, they can use this proposed tool to automatically use a snapshot with no extra effort.
      • Reproducible and reusable RADiX development environment for all users. New projects, demo configurations, etc can all benefit by having a VM created automatically and consistently.

      Suggested approach:

      • New top-level OODT directory titled "vagrant", containing sub-folders with more specific development environment configurations
      • Start with a single Vagrant dev environment supporting the automated set up of the latest trunk version of RADiX. Add more as separate JIRA issues

      [1] http://www.vagrantup.com/


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