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PCS Operator User Interface web application

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      We've got quite a nifty Operator User Interface web application at JPL that we'd like to contribute to the Apache OODT framework. We baked it up on OCO and used it on some other projects, including NPP Sounder PEATE (and SMAP, in progress). I'll attach some screenshots, but basically what it consists of is:

      1. A File Manager Browser webapp, with PCS trace enabled
      2. A Workflow Monitor webapp
      3. A PCS status monitor
      4. A PGE configuration/CAS configuration webapp

      The existing version of this app is written is Struts and unfortunately is pretty messy at the moment. During this porting process, it's my proposal to:

      1. Port pcs/opsui to use Apache Wicket, a la OODT-155 and OODT-156
      2. depend on pcs/services to implement a Wicket-ized version of the PCS status monitor and the PCS trace functionality
      3. Overlay OODT-155 and OODT-156 on top of the webapp
      4. Port the PGE configuration/CAS configuration parts of the webapp to Wicket

      Yes, this is another monster issue.


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