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Improve OPSUI React.js UI with advanced functionalities

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      In GSoC 2019, we implemented a new OPSUI UI based on React.js. See the related blog posts [1] [2]. Several advanced features require to be implemented including.

      • Implement querying functionality at OPSUI side (scope can be determined)
      • Show progress of workflows and file ingestions
      • Introduce a proper REST API for resource manager component
      • Introduce proper packaging (with configurable external REST API URLs) and deployment mechanism (as a docker deployment or an npm package)

      In this project, the student will have to work on the UI with React.js and will have to implement several REST APIs using JAX-RS. Furthermore, will have to work on making OPSUI easy to deploy.

      The existing wicket based OPSUI will be replaced by the new React.js based OPSUI at the end of this project. And the linked blog posts will be a good start to understand what the new React.js based OPSUI is capable of doing.

      [1] https://medium.com/faun/gsoc-2019-apache-oodt-react-based-opsui-dashboard-d93a9083981c
      [2] https://medium.com/faun/whats-new-in-apache-oodt-react-opsui-dashboard-4cc6701628a9
      [3] https://medium.com/faun/apache-oodt-with-docker-84d32525c798




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