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Implement OData Json Metadocument Serializer/Parser




      The Olingo project is currently working on implementing the V4 OData specification published by oasis. The current version of the specification only specifies a metadata document in xml format. This can be problematic on android devices where no native xml parser is available. In a newer version of this specification a new metadata format will be specified in Json.

      The goal of this issue would be to implement a serializer which can create a payload based on the new specification. Afterwards the Olingo client library must be able to consume the Json metadata document by implementing a parser.

      This issue could be implemented by a Student who takes part in the GSoC. The metadata document is already available as an xml format which could give a student a very good entry point to learn more about OData and the Olingo library. Learning opportunities would be about Json payload creation as well as parsing of Json payloads. This would also include understanding the latest OData V4 specification. If you are interested comment this issue or write a mail to dev@olingo.apache.org .

      Olingo Website: http://olingo.apache.org/
      OData.org: http://www.odata.org/


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