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Unable to Read metadata



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    • V2 2.0.9
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      Hi All ,

      The description of issue is as below :

      Component : Olingo-odata2-api-2.0.9-SNAPSHOT.jar

      Operation: Read (de-serialize) data from metadata i.e inputStream and provide Edm

      Issue: Unable to read metadata.
      I'm consuming a C4C Odata using Olingo-odata2-api-2.0.9. The client was developed by me on May 2017 and was well tested and in use for almost 3 months. For some business reasons, we have not been running the java client since August 2017.
      Today, while I tried to tun the JAR file I encountered the below exception:
      Exception in thread "main" org.apache.olingo.odata2.api.ep.EntityProviderException: An exception of type 'XMLStreamException' occurred.
      at org.apache.olingo.odata2.core.ep.consumer.XmlMetadataConsumer.readMetadata(XmlMetadataConsumer.java:122)

      I'm unable to figure out what has gone wrong. I checked the metaData in a browser and it slloks fine (the URI is password protected) I can guide you when we proceed further.

      Having met the business functionality, I just don't want to try again from scratch using other API's. Hence I request you kindly to support on this as this is really critical,



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