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Can't Create a new PartyAcctgPreference in 16.11.03



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      I was running through some tests on a clean OFBiz 16.11.03 install loaded with only the seed and seed-initial data and it will not display the screen to create a new PartyAcctgPreference..

      In the past (version 13.07) it definitely used to work but in 16.11.03 I can't get it to work. This setup is important because creating a new PartyAcctgPreference is the first step needed to manage the accounting setup for a new party. Initially I thought it was missing data setup or permissions but I've run through the data and security groups and couldn't find anything missing.

      I've gone through the exact same steps using 13.07.03 and 16.11.03 and it works in 13.07 but not in 16.11

      The steps to reproduce are below:

      1. Install seed and seed initial (./gradlew "ofbiz ‐‐load-data readers=seed,seed-initial")

      2. Load the admin user (loadAdminUserLogin -PuserLoginId=admin)

      3. Login to Party Manager and create a new party group (eg MyTestCompany) and add the role Internal Organisation

      4. Go to Accounting / Organisation GL Settings / Create new accounting company

      The new party (with the internal organisation role) appears in the dropdown selection box but when you select it and click the "Create new accounting company" button the screen stays blank.

      It should display the Party accounting preferences setup screen in add mode and allow you to enter the accounting details such as the Fiscal Year Start and Month, GL Journal or Invoice Sequencing) etc.

      I will attach copies of the screenshots from my tests


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