While adding numericCode to currency UOM, I found that we need to update some old currency UOM, as uomId has been updated.

      Here is the short summary
      Following UomId not found

      • Santo Domiongo(CDP)
      • Brazil (BRR)
      • Argentinian Austral(ARA)
      • Andoran peseta(ADP)
      • Maltese Lira (MTL)
      • Mexican Peso (old)(MXP)
      • Peruvian Inti(PEI)
      • Peruvian Sol(PES)
      • Tadzhikistani Ruble(TJR)

      Following UOM using other currency
      Used Other

      • ANDORRA == Euro
      • Cyprus Pound(CYP) == Euro
      • Ecuador Sucre(ECS) = USD
      • Estonian Krone(EEK) = EURO
      • Lithuanian Lita(LTL) == EURO
      • Latvian Lat(LVL) == EURO
      • Timor Escudo(TPE) == US Dollor

      Following UOM has been changed

      Old New
      Belorussian Ruble(BYR) Belarusian Ruble(BYN)
      Bosnia-Herzogovinian Dinar(BAD) Convertible Mark(BAM)
      Azerbaijan Manat (AZM) Azerbaijan Manat(AZN)
      Angolan Kwanza (AOK) Kwanza (AOA)
      Afghani (AFA) Afghani(AFN)
      Dominican Republic Peso(DRP) Dominican Peso (DOP)
      Ghanian Cedi(GHC) Ghana Cedi(GHS)
      Guinea Peso(GWP) Guinean Franc(GNF)
      Kirghizstan Som(KIS) KYRGYZSTAN Som (KGS)
      Madagascan Franc(MGF) Malagasy Ariary(MGA)
      Mozambique Metical(MZM) Mozambique Metical(MZN)
      Nicaragua (NIC) Cordoba Oro (NIO)
      New Israeli Shekel(NIS) New Israeli Sheqel (ILS)
      Poland(PLZ) Zloty (PLN)
      Romanian Leu(ROL) Romanian Leu(RON)
      Russian Rouble(RUR) Russian Ruble(RUB)
      Sudanese Pound(SDP) Sudanese Pound(SDG)
      Peru (SOL) Sol (PEN)
      Surinam Guilder(SRG) Surinam Dollar (SRD)
      Turkmenistani Manat(TMM) Turkmenistan New Manat(TMT)
      Uganda Shilling(UGS) Uganda Shilling(UGX)
      Uruguayan New Peso(UYP) Uruguay Peso en Unidades Indexadas (URUIURUI)(UYI)
      Venezuelan Bolivar(VEB) BolĂ­var(VEF)
      Zambian Kwacha(ZMK) Zambian Kwacha(ZMW)
      Zimbabwean Dollar(ZWD) Zimbabwe Dollar(ZWL)
      Georgian Kupon (GEK) GEORGIA Lari (GEL)

      Some currency codes moved to historic denominations, we can remove them from data.


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