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Page navigation problem with grid and include-grid




      The bottom navigation buttons are not working correctly in pages with grid and include-grid.

      How to reproduce :
      1) Connect to OFBiz
      2) Go to the Party component
      3) Let all field blank and do a search
      4) Scroll down and try to use the next result page button

      Result : The result page is still the same, the upper navigation bar shows "Page 1" and the bottom one "Page 2".

      Problem : With some help, I figured out where the problem is.
      The result of the search is displayed in a grid. But inside this grid can show up "include-grid" (the field User Login ID for example). Each time a grid is created, it calls the function "WidgetWorker.incrementPaginatorNumber(context);" which increments the paginator number by one.
      So when there are more than one grid (and include-grid) on a page, the paginator number is modified. This means that the upper navigation bar paginator number and the one from the bottom bar is not the same.
      The bottom navigation bar is then set with wrong value and the URL put in each navigation button is corrupted, thus not correctly redirecting to the good page.

      If you look at the URL after clicking on the bottom next button, you will see the "bad" paginator number.

      I hope this can lead someone to a solution, I lack experiences on OFBiz to provide a patch on this issue.

      Florian Montalbano


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