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Refactor the start component

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    • Re-Factor Sprint 1


      Looking at the main method and design of Start.java and the start component overall looks ugly. The things I would like to fix so far are:

      • the files are too long
      • some variables are not even needed (loaderArgs?)
      • the level of abstraction is wrong
      • main throws an exception!
      • the arguments processing logic is terrible, need to move it to commons-cli

      It's just so messy and ugly to look at. So for me refactoring starts at Start! Given that this is an important component, I will provide a patch to be reviewed by the community before committing just to be on the safe side.


        1. error.log
          8 kB
          Jacques Le Roux
        2. ofbiz.log
          188 kB
          Jacques Le Roux
        3. OFBIZ-6783.patch
          37 kB
          Taher Alkhateeb
        4. OFBIZ-6783.patch
          35 kB
          Taher Alkhateeb
        5. OFBIZ-6783.patch
          33 kB
          Taher Alkhateeb
        6. OFBIZ-6783.patch
          26 kB
          Taher Alkhateeb
        7. OFBIZ-6783.patch
          22 kB
          Taher Alkhateeb
        8. OFBIZ-6783.patch
          40 kB
          Taher Alkhateeb
        9. OFBIZ-6783.patch
          67 kB
          Taher Alkhateeb
        10. OFBIZ-6783.patch
          63 kB
          Taher Alkhateeb
        11. OFBIZ-6783.patch
          63 kB
          Taher Alkhateeb
        12. OFBIZ-6783.patch
          44 kB
          Taher Alkhateeb
        13. OFBIZ-6783.patch
          53 kB
          Taher Alkhateeb
        14. OFBIZ-6783.patch
          52 kB
          Taher Alkhateeb
        15. OFBIZ-6783.patch
          53 kB
          Taher Alkhateeb
        16. OFBIZ-6783.patch
          52 kB
          Taher Alkhateeb
        17. OFBIZ-6783.patch
          51 kB
          Taher Alkhateeb
        18. OFBIZ-6783.patch
          52 kB
          Taher Alkhateeb
        19. OFBIZ-6783.patch
          52 kB
          Taher Alkhateeb
        20. OFBIZ-6783.patch
          20 kB
          Taher Alkhateeb
        21. OFBIZ-6783.patch
          14 kB
          Taher Alkhateeb
        22. OFBIZ-6783-hiddenfiles.patch
          1 kB
          Jacopo Cappellato
        23. StartCommandUtil.java
          5 kB
          Taher Alkhateeb

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