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Allow to edit ship groups contents after and order has been created



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      Currently you can only move order items between ship groups while you create an order. I needed to do it after order creation. When I met Olivier (Heintz) at the RMLL 2014 in July, I found the Neogia team has developed a such feature and had it as an addon (named oisg-management) for R12.04. Then exchanging with Nicolas (Malin), and Pierre (Gaudin) I decided to give it a go. I will quickly explain the following history, for the Neogia team to know the current situation and what has changed.

      After updating the code to work with current trunk (instead of R12.04) I found it was working well but some minor issues. I then exchanged with Leila (Mekika) from the Neogia team and we could quickly fix the minor issues:

      • text harcoded, no labels. I began to fix them, thanks to Leila who completed the major part and explained me some tricks about the oisg-management addon.
      • A redundant button associated with the new addOrderItemShipGroup service. I removed it because the current button calls createOrderItemShipGroup which is enough. We could BTW consider using addOrderItemShipGroup instead. It's more complete (see below for instance) but that"s rather a matter of taste.

      There was a mechanism to merge sales taxes to get them grouped by ship groups in order adjustments. I removed it because this can be done dynamically (see invoice.pdf) and it was removing the shipGroupSeqId from the order adjustments.
      I sorted (DESC) the OrderItemShipGroup in addOrderItemShipGroup in order to use the 1st ship group when copying shipmentMethodTypeId, carrierPartyId, carrierRoleTypeId, contactMechId when shipmentMethodTypeId and carrierPartyId are not passed to the service.
      I later fixed a bug I found in loadCartForUpdate service when removing the adjustments.


        1. OFBIZ-5761 - OISG Management.patch.diff
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          Jacques Le Roux
        2. OFBIZ-5761 - OISG Management.patch.diff
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          Jacques Le Roux
        3. OFBIZ-5761 - OISG Management.patch
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          Jacques Le Roux
        4. OFBIZ-5761 - OISG Management.patch
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          Nicolas Malin
        5. OFBIZ-5761 - OISG Management.patch
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          Nicolas Malin
        6. OFBIZ-5761 - OISG Management.patch
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          Nicolas Malin
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          Nicolas Malin
        8. OFBIZ-5761 - OISG Management.patch
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          Jacques Le Roux
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          Jacques Le Roux
        10. OFBIZ-5761 - OISG Management.patch
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          Jacques Le Roux

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