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Cannot receive PO shipment




      A change introduced by SVN commit r1345532 in the inline JavaScript snippet in ReceiveInventoryAgainstPurchaseOrder.ftl causes an error while receiving PO into the facility.

      Steps to test -
      1. Create & approve Purchase Order.
      2. Click button "New Shipment For Ship Group [00001]" under section "Shipment Information - 00001". User is taken to the created shipment in the facility application.
      3. Click "Receive Against PO".
      4. In the next screen, set quantity to be received in the text field "RECEIVE". Select items to be received.
      5. Click "Receive Item(s)".

      Observation -
      1. Nothing happens. Firefox's JavaScript error console shows syntax error and points to the inline snippet where the error lies.

      Additionally, the button "Force Complete Purchase Order" results in an error as well with message
      <b>Error calling event: org.ofbiz.webapp.event.EventHandlerException: Found URL parameter [orderId] passed to secure (https) request-map with uri [completePurchaseOrder] with an event that calls service [completePurchaseOrder]; this is not allowed for security reasons! The data should be encrypted by making it part of the request body (a form field) instead of the request URL. Moreover it would be kind if you could create a Jira sub-task of https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/OFBIZ-2330 (check before if a sub-task for this error does not exist). If you are not sure how to create a Jira issue please have a look before at http://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/x/JIB2 Thank you in advance for your help.</b>





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