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Bug in properties management.



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Trivial
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: Release Branch 10.04, Release Branch 11.04, Release Branch 12.04, Trunk
    • Fix Version/s: Trunk
    • Component/s: framework


      Yesterday, I faced a weird bug in properties management.

      For a reason, a copy of a project slipped in the project itself (like if you had a copy of ofbiz root in ofbiz root).
      And in this project a properties file (in a hotdeploy component) as the same name than the project (like ofbiz.properties)

      Then, as properties for this file, I got all the content of the sub-dir (here would be the files in ofbiz/ofbiz) instead of the properties, something like

      properties={LICENSE=, hot-deploy=, .hgignore=, themes=, rc.ofbiz.for.debian=, ofbiz.jar=, NOTICE=, macros.xml=, .classpath=, sparta-maint4-to-trunk-qs.sh=, common.xml=, rc.activemq.conf.for.sparta.rej=, rc.activemq.for.sparta.rej=, sparta-stop.sh=, lib=, startofbizBoth.bat=, rc.activemq.conf.for.sparta=, debian=, bin=, .xmlcatalog.xml=, stopofbiz.sh=, startofbiz.bat=, rc.ofbiz.for.sparta.rej=, rc.ofbiz.for.sparta=, sparta-trunk-to-maint4-qs.sh=, ivy.xml=, svnUpHotdeploy.bat=, applications=, runtime=, sparta.on.error.sh=, README=, sparta-backup-prod-daily.sh=, sparta-restore-logs.sh=, startofbiz.sh=, startofbiz.sh.rej=, sparta-restart.sh=, tools=, sparta-restart-qs.sh=, rc.ofbiz=, stopofbiz.sh.rej=, startofbizPos.bat=, 1und1_key.pem=, wsdspa_key.pem=, rc.activemq.for.sparta=, specialpurpose=, sparta-backup-logs.sh=, .project=, ant=, sparta-load-data.bat=, sparta-checkout-prod.sh=, sparta-trunk-to-maint4.sh=, clean-ofbiz-db.sh=, ij.ofbiz=, build.xml.rej=, build.xml=, sparta-reload-data.bat=, sparta-backup-prod.sh=, KEYS=, OPTIONAL_LIBRARIES=, ofbiz.aptana.js.format.xml=, .svn=, framework=, ant.bat=, revert.bat=, sparta-maint4-to-trunk.sh=, APACHE2_HEADER=, sparta-get-last-tag.sh=, .gitignore=}

      I will have a look when I will get a chance (it's a rare case), so this message for if ever you cross the same




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