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Add new actions tag for loading data



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      This enhancement is useful when a entity is load by reader (ex: seed) and sometime, it could be modify in data file. If a field is change from a value to null, currently this modification will not be done in the next load.

      When you are first importing new data, quite naturally all fields other than those specified in the file will be null. If, however, you're updating existing data, you might want any field not specified in the file to retain its current value, or you might want the contents of the file to specify everything about a record, in other words "take this data and null out the rest". The alternative to set-other-fields-to-null (or whatever else we might call it) would be a huge number of attribute="" in the file.

      For portletWidget, entity PortalPortal have a lot of field with potential default value, so sometime, first release use some field and when it's reviewed and corrected, some field are changed to null to use the default value (to follow best practice).

      This enhancement will be very useful for portletData file.


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