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Any ecommerce user has the ability to reset anothers password (including admin) via "Forget Your Password"



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    • Bug Crush Event - 21/2/2015


      Currently, any user (via ecommerce "Forget Your Password") has the ability to reset another users password, including "admin" without permission. By simply entering "admin" and clicking "Email Password", the following is displayed.

      The following occurred:
      A new password has been created and sent to you. Please check your Email.

      This now forces the user of the ERP to change their password. It is also possible to generate a dictionary attack against ofbiz because there is no capta code required. This is serious security risk.

      This feature could be reduced to a certain sub-set of users, whose login name is optionally in the format of an email address, and maybe require a capta code to prevent dictionary attacks.

      For example, limit the feature to role "Customer" of type "Person" which was generated via an ecommerce transaction.


        1. OFBIZ-4361_OneScreen.patch
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          Nicolas Malin
        2. OFBIZ-4361_ReworkPasswordLogic.patch
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          Nicolas Malin
        3. OFBIZ-4361_ReworkPasswordLogic.patch
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          Benjamin Jugl
        4. OFBIZ-4361_Token-Password-Registration.patch
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          Nicolas Malin
        5. OFBIZ-4361.patch
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          Gaudin Pierre

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