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Changing the locale (language) from the 1st screen of Order Entry is faulty



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    • jQuery, Release Branch 10.04, Trunk
    • jQuery, Release Branch 10.04, Trunk
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    • Windows + Chrome or Safari or Opera or IE8 (also Firefox for jQuery)


      From this URL https://demo-trunk.ofbiz.apache.org/ordermgr/control/orderentry if you try to change the language, at return you get a blanck screen with the current logged in user login and description.

      This is because

      • ListLocales request uses save-last-view
      • and setSessionLocale uses view-last

      In the (not so specific) case of orderentry request, it happens that the last request is not orderentry but the last lookup request done from this screen (LookupUserLoginAndPartyDetails with admin, LookupCustomerName with flexadmin). So a good solution would be to have the lookups requests fired inside the main request (here LookupUserLoginAndPartyDetails and LookupCustomerName inside orderentry). Not sure yet if it's possible. I'd like to keep the automatic return to calling screen behaviour (and BTW extend it to Themes and TimeZones), else we will have to use the same behaviour than for Themes and TimeZones currently: manual return

      This is not specific to orderentry but to each screen which has at least a lookup and uses the lookup description mechanism. Actually it's even wider than that since it implies save-last-view+view-last and a lookup+description.

      Note that, for a still obscure reason (autocomplete not OFF or not working?), I don't reproduce this in Firefox (on Windows) for the trunk, either locally or from demo because the lookup description mechanism is not working. But I reproduces with jQuery branch which is from where I detected and identified the issue.




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