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      Bug Crush Event - 21/2/2015


      Account should be treated as a PartyGroup. This group can be associated with any type of party. Party can be either other Party Group or Person.
      Each account will be in Account role. The Parties (more then one party) can be associated with Party Group through Party Relationship by partyRelationshipTypeId being "Parent_Account".

      Left Navigation Section : There will be following link / section present in left side. There will be two block in the left section similar to catalog.
      1) Shortcuts
      2) Quick Add Account

      Shorcuts block contains following link :

      • Create Account - Exists, modification required.
      • Find Accounts - Exists, Modification required.
      • Clone Account - It will navigate to the Party Group lookup form and from there we should select the existing Account and lets clone it.

      Quick Add Account : This block will be similar to that of the Quick Add form for Lead and Contacts.
      Lets keep only two fields in this block : Group Name (use "Account Name" on GUI), Office Site Name (Use "Website" on GUI).

      Right side will be the content area (body section).

      1) Modification in Create Account :

      a) Add Few more fields.The sequence of the fields will be (R - Required) :
      Fields from Party Group Entity : Group Name(R) (Use "Company Name") , Office Site Name (Use "Website" on GUI), Annual Revenue, Number of Employees, Ticker Symbol.

      b) Modification in General Correspondence address : Remove the field Address Field 2 from the form. Instead of this use Separate Block to have "Other Correspondence Address" block and provide all the fields there. (Similar thing that we do in Ecommerce application for Billing & Shipping Address).

      2) Modification in Find Account Screen :

      a) Search the records that has partyTypeId ="Party_Group" and has roleTypeId="Account"

      b) Remove the Party Id field from the find form.

      c) Rename the Party Group Name to Account Name on GUI.

      d) The search result form will contain one more field titled "Email Address".

      e) For providing easy navigation to the user change Party Id field link to Edit button. Also remove the Party ID label from the top. As we have changed it to Edit link.

      f) Remove the "Type" column from the Search Result area. All the Account name will be in role "Party_Group".

      3) Modification on Summary Section :

      a) Add the screenlet section that will contain the contacts associated with this Party Group (i.e Account). Also Provide small form at the bottom of party list to add the other contacts on the existing list. For this provide one lookup to search contacts (Person in the role of Contact) and then submit button. If we do this through Ajax(Using Prototype Library) then it would be good. The Contacts (more then one contact) can be associated with Party Group through Party Relationship by partyRelationshipTypeId being "Parent_Account".

      b) Remove the Party Attribute block for now. It won't make any sense to me for now.

      c) The list of all the Work Efforts(Activities/ Event & Tasks) associated with the Party Group.Provide option to associate the existing work effort record with the party. Create/Update & Delete form.

      4) After editing any account (Party Group) we come to the Summary screen. Provide another tab adjacent to it by name "Clone Account". Navigate to a form where we could clone this record.

      Rest of the functionality in the Accounts header should be tested properly.


        1. SFA-Accounts-addSalesForecast.patch
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          Pierre Smits
        2. Exerpt CRM requirements - accounts.pdf
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          Pierre Smits
        3. SfaAccountsImprovements.patch
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          Chirag Manocha



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