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Default ordering of webapps titles in main menu

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      This follows https://markmail.org/message/ftgfpwztflty7klb, excerpt:

      [...] having more important apps in 1st places would be better [...] the feature should be easily changed by custom projects [...] documentation for that would be enough.

      I propose this order:

      1. partymgr(because you need parties to do anything)
      2. catalog (because you need products to do anything)
      3. facility (because you need to store products to do anything)
      4. order (because it's there that things begin to "move")
      5. accounting (because it's there that things "end"; ar & ap should disappear)
      6. content (because you need to associate contents to make things better)
      7. manufacturing (because OFBiz is also an ERP)
      8. sfa (because people are often looking for a CRM, BTW most them don't know what SFA is)
      9. workeffort (this one could be above, but it's not obvious for most people)
      10. humanres (more important than below IMO)
      11. marketing (not sure about the place of this one)
      12. webtools (maybe higher?)

      ------------- (plugins start below)

      1. rest (could be named api soon)
      2. projectmgr
      3. webpos
      4. bi
      5. birt
      6. myportal
      7. assetmaint
      8. ismgr
      9. scrum
      10. solr
      11. ebay
      12. firstdata
      13. ------------- (those are special, maybe above?)
      14. example
      15. exampleext

      ------------- (those plugins don't show atm but exist, maybe need more info from backend menu?)

      1. ecommerce
      2. ecomseo
      3. multiflex
      4. cmssite
      5. ebaystore
      6. ldap
      7. lucene
      8. passport
      9. pricat
      10. msggateway


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