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JSON renderer for screen/menu/form



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      In a POC approach for using a SPA framework for GUI in OFBiz, json renderer have been developed.

      This Jira could be used to do code review on these renderer.

      Currently, these renderer are on a V0 situation, it's a work in process situation. After mailing-list discussion with mathieu we decide to go to a V0.1 by 2-3 tasks

      • add some javadoc each time it's necessary or needed
      • remove all comment code or explain the decision waiting to activate or remove the code
      • do checkstyle

      On first step, code will be with only what is used in a use case (no code for tag not currently manage).

      Json renderer are part of vuejs-portal plugin, in ofbizextra gitlab (https://gitlab.ofbizextra.org/ofbizextra/ofbizplugins/vuejsPortal), so commit are done on it, and mailing-list with these commit are ofbizextra-commit@lists.sourceforge.net. But we will publish an update on this Jira each week there are some modifications on renderer files

      This task will take some time because it will used to do a complete code review, not only in renderer but in vuejs component too, and so complete documentation.


        1. OFBIZ-11310.patch
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        4. FrontJsScreenRenderer.java
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        5. FrontJsTreeRenderer.java
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        6. FrontJsOutput.java
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        7. FrontJsScreenViewHandler.java
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