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Issue loading solr component (JNDI timeout)



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    • 17.12.01, 18.12.01
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      This follows the discussion in dev ML at https://s.apache.org/358zz

      Trunk HEAD, R17 and R18 are affected. R16 has a much lesser issue that can be neglected.

      2019-08-16 09:14:14,453 |main                 |ConfigXMLReader               |I| controller loaded: 0.003s, 207 requests, 81 views in file:/C:/projectsASF/release18.12/plugins/scrum/webapp/scrum/WEB-INF/controller.xml
      2019-08-16 09:17:16,061 |main                 |ServiceDispatcher             |I| Registering dispatcher: solr
      2019-08-16 09:24:10,541 |main                 |ConfigXMLReader               |I| controller loaded: 0.004s, 207 requests, 81 views in file:/C:/projectsASF/release17.12/plugins/scrum/webapp/scrum/WEB-INF/controller.xml
      2019-08-16 09:27:12,125 |main                 |ServiceDispatcher             |I| Registering dispatcher: solr

      3 minutes to register solr on my machine!

      The much lesser issue on my machine and demo with R16:

      2019-08-16 09:30:54,464 |  |ConfigXMLReader               |I| controller loaded: 0.004s, 207 requests, 81 views in file:/C:/projectsASF/release16.11/specialpurpose/scrum/webapp/scrum/WEB-INF/controller.xml
      2019-08-16 09:31:55,069 |  |SolrResourceLoader            |W| Can't find (or read) directory to add to classloader: lib (resolved as: C:\projectsASF\release16.11\specialpurpose\solr\home\lib).
      2019-08-16 09:31:55,239 |  |ServiceDispatcher             |I| Registering dispatcher: solr
      2019-08-16 03:12:33,016 |  |ConfigXMLReader               |I| controller loaded: 0.005s, 207 requests, 81 views in file:/home/ofbizDemo/branch16.11/specialpurpose/scrum/webapp/scrum/WEB-INF/controller.xml
      2019-08-16 03:12:33,655 |  |SolrResourceLoader            |W| Can't find (or read) directory to add to classloader: lib (resolved as: /home/ofbizDemo/branch16.11/specialpurpose/solr/home/lib).
      2019-08-16 03:12:33,879 |  |ServiceDispatcher             |I| Registering dispatcher: solr

      600ms is barely an issue. So I think we can agree it's OK there, anyway nobody never complained.

      In trunk, R17 and R18, it's due to SolrResourceLoader.locateSolrHome() trying to locate Solr home dir by 1st doing a JNDI lookup, then a system property and eventually harcode it to "solr/"

      JNDI lookups can be slow. But here we speak about minutes because in Solr there are several calls w/o caching.

      I thought that by avoiding the JNDI lookup done in OFBizSolrContextFilter::init (through super.init(config); I'd fix the issue. So I wrote this

      Index: config/solrconfig.properties
      --- config/solrconfig.properties	(revision 1864966)
      +++ config/solrconfig.properties	(working copy)
      @@ -50,3 +50,7 @@
       # Defines Solr log level
      +# Defines Solr home directory
      Index: src/main/java/org/apache/ofbiz/solr/webapp/OFBizSolrContextFilter.java
      --- src/main/java/org/apache/ofbiz/solr/webapp/OFBizSolrContextFilter.java	(revision 1864966)
      +++ src/main/java/org/apache/ofbiz/solr/webapp/OFBizSolrContextFilter.java	(working copy)
      @@ -66,6 +66,7 @@
               Properties props = System.getProperties();
               props.setProperty("solr.log.dir", UtilProperties.getPropertyValue("solrconfig", "solr.log.dir", "runtime/logs/solr"));
               props.setProperty("solr.log.level", UtilProperties.getPropertyValue("solrconfig", "solr.log.level", "INFO"));
      +        config.getServletContext().setAttribute("solr.solr.home", UtilProperties.getPropertyValue("solrconfig", "solr.solr.home", "plugins/solr"));

      to prevent the SolrResourceLoader.locateSolrHome() calls in SolrDispatchFilter::init

      It worked but it's obviously not enough. It's then 1 vs 3 minutes before, JNDI timeout I guess. Here it is seen with <logger name="org.apache.solr" level="all"/> in log4j2.xml)

      2019-08-16 12:03:39,402 |main                 |SolrDispatchFilter            |I|  ___      _       Welcome to Apache Solr? version 8.2.0
      2019-08-16 12:03:39,402 |main                 |SolrDispatchFilter            |I| / __| ___| |_ _   Starting in standalone mode on port null
      2019-08-16 12:03:39,402 |main                 |SolrDispatchFilter            |I| \__ \/ _ \ | '_|  Install dir: null
      2019-08-16 12:03:39,403 |main                 |SolrDispatchFilter            |I| |___/\___/_|_|    Start time: 2019-08-16T10:03:39.402Z
      2019-08-16 12:03:39,403 |main                 |SolrDispatchFilter            |I| Log level override, property solr.log.level=INFO
      2019-08-16 12:03:39,412 |main                 |SolrResourceLoader            |D| new SolrResourceLoader for directory: 'C:\projectsASF\ofbiz\plugins\solr\home'
      2019-08-16 12:04:39,421 |main                 |SolrResourceLoader            |D| No /solr/home in JNDI
      2019-08-16 12:04:39,421 |main                 |SolrResourceLoader            |I| solr home defaulted to 'solr/' (could not find system property or JNDI)
      2019-08-16 12:04:39,428 |main                 |SolrXmlConfig                 |I| Loading container configuration from C:\projectsASF\ofbiz\plugins\solr\home\solr.xml

      There are 3 JNDI lookups in Solr (at least with our use of Solr) that locate the Solr home dir, hence the 2 minutes before my change. The JNDI context nor result are cached. BTW I believe Solr could do better by using https://docs.oracle.com/javase/8/docs/api/javax/naming/InitialContext.html#doLookup-java.lang.String- in SolrResourceLoader.locateSolrHome() and caching but that's out of subject.

      I then tried to find a way to Configure Solr Home with JNDI. I tried many ways but none worked so far. Among them:

      1. As a try: add an <env-entry> in solr component web.xml file
        IIndex: web.xml
        --- web.xml	(revision 1864966)
        +++ web.xml	(working copy)
        @@ -20,6 +20,12 @@
             <display-name>Apache OFBiz - Solr Component</display-name>
             <description>Solr Component of the Apache OFBiz Project</description>
        +    <env-entry>
        +       <env-entry-name>solr/home</env-entry-name>
        +       <env-entry-value>C:\projectsASF\ofbiz\plugins\solr\home</env-entry-value>
        +       <env-entry-type>java.lang.String</env-entry-type>
        +    </env-entry>

        Not sure why it did not work

      1. I tried to set in jndi.properties (though I believe it's not for JNDI env but ressource), like
        solr/home= C:\projectsASF\ofbiz\plugins\solr\home
      1. Used OFBIZ-9484 to grab the content of a context.xml file:
        @@ -514,6 +517,23 @@
                 context.addLifecycleListener(new ContextConfig());
        +        // adding webapp's META-INF/context.xml begin
        +        String contextXmlFilePath = new StringBuilder().append("file:///").append(location).append("/").append(Constants.ApplicationContextXml).toString();
        +        URL contextXmlUrl = null;
        +        try {
        +            contextXmlUrl = FlexibleLocation.resolveLocation(contextXmlFilePath);
        +            contextXmlFilePath = new StringBuilder().append(location).append("/").append(Constants.ApplicationContextXml).toString();
        +            File contextXmlFile = FileUtil.getFile(contextXmlFilePath);
        +            if(contextXmlFile.exists() && contextXmlFile.isFile()) {
        +                Debug.logInfo(contextXmlFilePath + " found and will be loaded.", module);
        +                context.setConfigFile(contextXmlFilePath);
        +           }
        +        } catch (MalformedURLException e) {
        +            Debug.logInfo(contextXmlFilePath+ " not found.", module);
        +        }
        +        // add webapp's META-INF/context.xml end
                 context.setJ2EEServer("OFBiz Container");
                 context.setLoader(new WebappLoader(Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader()));

        And following https://tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-9.0-doc/config/context.html#Environment_Entries, added

             <Environment name="solr/home" value="C:\projectsASF\ofbiz\plugins\solr\home" type="java.lang.String" description="Solr home for JNDI"/>

        But reading https://docs.oracle.com/javase/jndi/tutorial/beyond/env/update.html I'm unsure context.setConfigFile(contextXmlFilePath); does the work of loading this Environment

      I don't see a way to set a short timeout on the JNDI lookup. A solution like that could be used. That would need to be in Solr...

      Getting back to R16 for lucene and solr component could maybe be a way, but it's really bad then. Another option is to not use Solr if you don't need it

      Just before sending this comment I looked into our archive and BAM! Just 6 years ago: point 2 of my comment: https://s.apache.org/358zz

      If I miss something it's very well hidden, all ideas are welcome.




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