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JSON entity data import and export utility



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      Currently, we support import/export entity data in XML format.
      Nowadays JSON is widely used in industry, we can have support for JSON format which looks quite similar to XML support.

      Here is example of XML data and it's JSON version

      <Party partyId="123456" partyTypeId="PERSON" statusId="PARTY_ENABLED"/>
      {“Party”: {"partyId":"123456","partyTypeId":"PERSON","statusId":"PARTY_ENABLED”}}


      Design Proposal

      We can write entityImportJson and entityImportDirJson services for importing JSON from screen and directory respectively.

      And the entityExportAllJson service for exporting entity data in JSON.


      Import Design
      The import service will perform following operations:
      1.) Validate the input JSON data (I am in process of exploring the way for this)
      2.) On successful validation, convert JSON to OFBiz's entity model (GenericValue)
      3.) The GenericValue will be inserted in database by some handler class for e.g we can write JsonDataHandler, it will convert given JSON to List<GenericValue>, and finally write it to database (Similar pattern is used in XML import).


      Export Design
      Based on existing XML pattern the writeXmlText method of GenericEntity class write the exported data in XML format.
      In the similar way, we can implement writeJsonText to export data in JSON format.

      Please free feel to share your thought.


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