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Have a service that runs periodically to generate CustomTimePeriod records



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      Currently no service exists that creates CustomTimePeriod records on a scheduled basis. One could think of:

      • a yearly schedule that creates the next fiscal year period
      • a quarterly schedule that creates the next fiscal quartered period
      • a monthly schedule that creates the next fiscal month period

      Considerations regarding requirements:

      1. Following requirements are to be considered static:
        1. the highest granularity regarding a custom time period is a year (parameter value = YEAR)
      2. Following requirements are to be configured/set via SystemProperty records:
        1. the applicability based on data PeriodType records: currently we can derive/identify two categories: FISCAL and SALES;
        2. the highest period granularity is static and set to "YEAR"
        3. the lowest period granularity is configurable and set to "MONTH";
        4. whether intermediate granularities (between lowest and highest) should be created for a given type (see 2.1) (intermediate indicator: "true"/"false" or "Y"/"N").
      3. A CustomTimePeriod is only to be created:
        1. when a PartyAcctgPreference record exists, and
        2. when the 'enableAccounting' field of that record has the value set to "Y"
      4. Each lower granularity CustomTimePeriod record must reference higher granularity CustomTimePeriod record (Parent/Child principle), when requirement consideration 2.4 is set to true or Y.

      Based on requirement considerations stated above, following examples can be thought of:

      1. with lowest granularity set to "MONTH" and intermediate indicator = "N" and type ="FISCAL:
      <CustomTimePeriod customTimePeriodId="202000001" periodTypeId="FISCAL_MONTH" fromDate="2020-01-01 00:00:00.000" thruDate="2020-01-31 23:59:59.000" isClosed="N" periodNum="20200000" periodName="2020-JAN" organizationPartyId="Company" />
      <CustomTimePeriod customTimePeriodId="202000002" periodTypeId="FISCAL_MONTH" fromDate="2020-01-02 00:00:00.000" thruDate="2020-02-29 23:59:59.000" isClosed="N" periodNum="20200000" periodName="2020-FEB" organizationPartyId="Company" />



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