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Browser Unresponsive when Loading Entity with Large Results



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      Recently, I came across a situation where an entity was taking too much of a time(browser asked me to either wait or kill) while loading/searching results in the Webtools application. The entity had close to 5M records, and I checked the server responded timely but the rendering of the screen was taking time.
      When I explored the issue I came across a macro which renders the pagination on the screen, and it had a code block which was causing the screen rendering delay.

      <#assign x=(listSize/viewSize)?ceiling>
        <#list 1..x as i>
          <#if i == (viewIndex+1)><option selected="selected" value="<#else><option value="</#if>${i-1}">${i}</option>

      This code seems logical enough to me, and what I gather from this is that the list will render a select box with 250,000 options.

      I would like to propose a change in this UI/UX from select box to an input text box so a user can navigate to any page, similar to a navigation input box in a PDF document reader application.

      Please let me know your thoughts on this and share some more ideas to how we can improve/resolve this issue. Looking forward to your replies!


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