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    • Fix Version/s: 1.12
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      HostDB for Apache Nutch 1.x

      • automatically generates a HostDB based on CrawlDB information
      • periodically performs DNS lookup for all hosts and keeps track of DNS failures
      • discovers homepage if www.example.org/ is a redirect
      • keeps track of host statistics such as number of URL's, 404's, not modifieds and redirects
      • aggregates CrawlDB metadata fields into totals, sums, min, max, average and configurable percentiles
      • can output lists of discovered homepage URL's for seed lists and static fetch interval
        *can output blacklists for hosts that have too many DNS failures to filter from the CrawlDB using domainblacklist-urlfilter
      • just like CrawlDB support for JEXL expressions


      Generate for the first time, or update and existing HostDB:

      bin/nutch updatehostdb -hostdb crawl/hostdb -crawldb crawl/crawldb

      Optional filtering or normalizing:

      bin/nutch updatehostdb -hostdb crawl/hostdb -crawldb crawl/crawldb -filter -normalize

      Dumping as CSV file:

      bin/nutch readhostdb crawl/hostdb output_directory

      Get only hostnames with have average response time above 50ms:

      bin/nutch readhostdb crawl/hostdb output_directory -dumpHostnames -expr "(avg._rs_ > 50)"

      Get only hosts that have over 50% 404's:

      bin/nutch readhostdb crawl/hostdb output_directory -dumpHostnames -expr "(gone / numRecords > 0.5)"

      For JEXL expressions, all host metadata fields are available. All other fields are also available as:

      unfetched – number of unfetched records
      fetched – number of fetched records
      gone – number of 404's
      redirTemp – number if temporary redirects
      redirPerm – number if permanent redirects
      redirs – total number of redirects (redirTemp + redirPerm)
      notModified – number of not modified records
      ok – number of usable pages (fetched + notModified)
      numRecords – total number of records
      dnsFailures – number of DNS failures

      Also, see nutch-default for hostdb.* properties.


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