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Add "Resync references from local repository" in VS addin




      Patch is attached to NPANDAY-322

      As a developer of new modules, I'd like to be able to test & debug & refactor away the modules before I commit/push them to VCS and get these deployed into the remote repository by the build server.

      This is currently not possible.

      I'm working on X and Y (Y depends on X).
      I think I'm done on X and install X-1.0-SNAPSHOT in my local repo.
      I then add a dependency on X-1.0-SNAPSHOT in Y.

      Now, if I make a change in X, I'd like to re-install it in the local repo and use the updated X-1.0-SNAPSHOT in Y but I don't want to deploy X-1.0-SNAPSHOT in the remote repo.

      However, if I resync the references I'd currently hit NPANDAY-322, or in the best case I could get someone else's X-1.0-SNAPSHOT (which could have been updated in the remote repo while I'm working on X as well). However, I want to get the local repo's X, not the remote one's.

      I don't want to push X's changes and wait on the build server to deploy the new snapshot because I don't want to "hurt" the rest of the developers with something which might still have bugs in it, and I also don't want to get other devs's X-1.0-SNAPSHOT.




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