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Move Controller Service icons to the left-most column



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      NiFi tends to scale every single pop-up dialog across the entire width of a display.  On larger displays, that requires the user to mouse around a lot in order to access some things.

      In particular, when working with Controller Services, the action icons on the far right are fairly cumbersome to access.  Also, even when the Controller Service's row is highlighted, it's not always easy to determine that you're clicking on the right icons.

      Moving these icons to the left, with the Usage icon, would alleviate all of the extraneous mousing-around and make it easier to determine which icons are the correct ones for the Controller Service you need to interact with.

      I've already done this with some custom CSS, which helps immensely.  Unfortunately, since our customer forbids (and prevents) the installation of browser extensions such as Stylish, I have to make these modifications every time we update NiFi.

      FWIW, similar updates to all of the pop-ups in both NiFi and NiFi Registry would greatly improve usability.




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