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Switch to unique human-friendly names for buckets and flows



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      I have been playing with the Registry and using bende 's early CLI to accomplish some automation tasks. Have had really tough times with UUIDs being used for buckets and flows, it introduced a lot of context switches to locate/save/copy/paste those when using the API.

      I would strongly suggest considering the human-friendly names and convert deep links to using those instead. This not only provides for an easy portable full URI, but also addresses compatibility issues between instances of the registry, as buckets & flows with the same name are guaranteed to have different UUIDs. A kind of copy/paste between environments.

      I never came across a unique name requirement within a tree-like structure to be an issue when dealing with NiFi. E.g. NiFi and NiFi Registry could transparently reverse-look up the UUID by extracting names from the URI. The goal is to have a great user experience.

      P.S.: spaces in the name in the URI could be substituted for '+' sign transparently, using the %20 would defeat the purpose of smooth ease-of-use.




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