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Establish a secure by default configuration for NiFi

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    • Type: Epic
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    • Fix Version/s: 1.14.0
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      Secure by Default
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      To Do


      Inspired by this tweet https://twitter.com/_escctrl_/status/1359280656174510081?s=21 and the resulting discussion here https://lists.apache.org/thread.html/rc590f21807192a0dce18293c2d5b47392a6fd8a1ef26d77fbd6ee695%40%3Cdev.nifi.apache.org%3E

      It is time to change our config model. It was also setup to be easy to use. We've seen these silly setups on the Internet before but has gotten ridiculous. We need to take action.

      Will create a set of one or more JIRAs to roughly do the following.
      1. Disable HTTP by default. If a user wants to enable to it for whatever reason then also make them enable a new property which says something to the effect of 'allow completely non secure access to the entire nifi instance - not recommended'
      2. Enable HTTPS with one way authentication by default which would be the client authenticating the server whereby the server has a server cert. We could either make that cert a self-signed (and thus not trusted by client's by default) cert or give a way for the user to run through command line process to make a legit cert.
      3. If not already configured with an authorization provider supply and out of the box provider which supports only a single auto generated at first startup user/password enabling access to the NiFi system.
      4. Disable all restricted processors by default. Require the user to explicitly enable them.


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