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Visual cursor position not updated when editor resized under line wrap



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      If line wrap is enabled, and the editor window is resized, the text is re-wrapped correctly to the new width of the editor. However, the cursor ends up in weird places, still blinking.

      To reproduce:
      1) Go to Options/Preferences->Editor->Formatting, select "All Languages" and set "Line Wrap" to "After words". Click OK.
      2) Create a new plain text file and open it in the editor. Type a couple of long lines (with some spaces in them)--they will correctly be broken when the line reaches the end of the editor window.
      3) Now resize the editor window in the horizontal direction, back and forth a couple of times. Observe that while the text is re-broken to the new width, the cursor tends to end up in non-sensical places (it may seem as if its position is only updated if it needs to end up on a new physical line, but not if it needs to end up in a different column position). However, as soon as a character is typed or an arrow key is pressed, the cursor re-appears in the correct place.

      Originally reported in BugZilla at https://netbeans.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=241953 . Still reproducible on NetBeans 9.0 rc1.




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